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The Beginning

Soulful, smooth, eclectic, anointed, prolific, and artistic are just a few words to describe this singer/songwriter/musician/producer. Antoine Hilton was born and raised in New York and has been singing and creating music from a young age.


The Story Continues


Antoine desired to write music that would capture the ears and spirits of young people growing up with negative influences. He believes that music is a vehicle by which one’s perception about life can be altered, conversely, he believes that music is also a giver of life. Music alters moods and atmospheres, and much of the music for this generation has been used to promote agendas that are counterproductive to living a free and abundant life.  With that in mind, and with the desire to be a voice that can lead youth to greatness and help them avoid the pitfalls that many fall prey to, he went into the studio to create his first solo album Born Again Into Truth (B.A.I.T) and B.A.I.T 2 which has generated a major buzz and has been galvanizing listeners since its 2011 release. Songs from the album have continued to graced stations from New York to the UK. 


The success of B.A.I.T has garnered the attention of Antoine’s peers earning him an Agape Award, McDonald’s Gospel Fest award and a Kingdom Choice Award. Antoine has released videos in which he showcased his directing skills and gained a huge following leading to over 200,000 views and counting.


Antoine has just released his second single entitled, "GOD IS" which is a song that is taking the internet and airways by storm. Antoine is set to release his album summer 2023 entitled, Love & Repeat. Eyes have not seen and ears have not heard what is about to happen through Antoine Hilton.

What Awaits

Antoine is currently waiting for the rest of the world to experience the movement of Antoine Hilton.

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